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Crystal Clear Facials 

Crystal Clear quickly became recognised in the industry for being the market leader in Microdermabrasion. However, they are not just experts in Microdermabrasion they have extensively grown their treatment & skincare menu and are loved by thousands of salons, spas & skincare lovers worldwide.

Microdermabrasion Facial: 

Camera Ready Skin 

Perfect choice for dull, uneven skin in need of a quick skin boost. The camera ready crystal blast is a great choice. Crystals are blasted precisely at the skin surface and dead skin cells are removed through a vacuum action to reveal smoother, brighter and more radiant skin. Locked in with a hydration mask acting as a second skin. Results are visible after a single treatment. For more intense results a course of treatments will offer staggering improvements: £47

Acne Scarring
Any scars that are raised can be smoothed and any scar that's depressed or sunken can be blended to appear less noticeable. One of the most precise treatments for scarring: £47

Problematic Skin Treatment 
Perfect for oily, congested skin, blocked pores and black heads.  A bespoke treatment tailored to you. Skin is left clearer, brighter, deep cleansed with open pores less defined. For problematic skin a course of treatments are recommended. Results will be visible after the first treatment: £56

Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Smoothing 

Skin is buffed polished and smoothed while lines and wrinkles are softened. Precise crystal flow at various depths will address concerns of more mature skin. Results are evident immediately with a softer appearance to lines and wrinkles. Skin is super polished and a vacuum action lifts and firms muscles. A one off treatment will show impressive results but for a more intense result a course of treatments are recommended. The treatment is complete with a hydrating lifting mask to lock in moisture and provides an invisible second skin: £56


Frozen Facial 

This skin rejuvenation treatment tackles lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Enjoy a full cleanse and exfoliation followed by our COMCIT- using cryo-oxygen and micro-channeling rollers to infuse the skin. Tailor made to tackle your skin concerns: £71

Clear & Bright 
A perfect treatment for pigmentation marks, uneven skin tone or dull sun damaged skin. Enjoy a double cleanse with added COMCIT technologies paired with powerful active ingredients in the Acti fade infusion. Skin pigmentation is reduced after just one treatment: £71 

H2O Glow 
This intense hydration treatment delivers freezing cold oxygen throughout the skin to nourish and invigorate skin cells. With COMCIT micro channeling rollers plumping and rebalancing the skin from the inside out. Results in brighter, fresher, hydrated skin that glows: £71

Acne Targeting
This proactive treatment stimulates the synthesis of the epidermal cells, reducing redness and inflammation and allowing the skin to take on a whole new radiance: £71

Oxygen Infusion:

Acti Fade
The Acti Fade Oxygen treatment creates lighter, brighter skin helping to eradicate pigmentation. The infusion of Oxygen with lightening and brightening actives into the skin begins to target discolouration and pigmentation of your skin: £52

Gym look Skin 
Craving instantly radiant, dewy, glowing skin. This refreshing, hydrating and plumping facial starts with a double cleanse with an oxygen exfoliation. Skin is instantly firmer and lifted out as intense anti ageing oxygen infusion works its magic from the inside out: £52

Acne Resuscitation Relief

Let the healing begin as the anti bacterial power of Oxygen gets to work on problem skin. A powerful Oxygen serum is pulsed into the skin that helps to balance, sooth and heal acne prone skin: £61

Botox With Out Needles 

Ideal for skin that looks lackluster or simply worn out. Results are amazing with the skin looking instantly lifted, firmer and plumped with visibly reduced wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin with a whole new glow: £61

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